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26 Achterheide
Londerzeel, Vlaanderen, 1840





Moeyersons, pioneer of the concept of the trailer with sliding doors, perfected this concept with the iSLIDE and its XL version, the hiSLIDE. The benefits of these elite products in regional distribution make them an informed investment for any innovative and dynamic company that wants to rise above the competition. In addition, both iSLIDE and hiSLIDE bodies are available in FNA versions, further enhancing the product's versatility.

The advantages of the iSLIDE and hiSLIDE are more than obvious:

  • EN12642-XL, the strictest cargo security standard, results in less damage and fewer lost loads
  • Sliding side doors open twice as quickly as curtainsiders
  • More drops per day thanks to maximum utilisation of loading capacity
  • Low TCO thanks to lifespan of more than 15 years
  • More aerodynamic than a curtainsider, so lower fuel consumption
  • Safe transportation of valuable, delicate and fragile goods
  • Minimise theft, damage and fall out
  • Possible to load safely in difficult conditions, and without causing obstructions
  • Low wear and low maintenance, so lower costs and downtime
  • Less risk of occupational accidents
  • Easy to clean, improves image