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26 Achterheide
Londerzeel, Vlaanderen, 1840



About Us

About Us

Moeyersons was established back in 1955, when the company began constructing wheelbarrows and trailers, generally in wood and steel. Over the years, many changes have taken place, with new materials and a bigger workforce, but the main difference, of course, is in the quality of our products. Wood and steel have gradually been replaced by aluminium, plywood, polycarbonate and many other modern materials. In 1978, the manufacturing area was extended for the first time, creating space for more employees and increased production.

Moeyersons has been regarded as an innovative and high-quality company since 1962. Today, more than 50 employees are engaged in bodywork construction, and the company’s buildings cover more than 8,000 square metres. Thanks to sustained perfection of the production process, Moeyersons achieved ISO 9001 certification in 2008, although our engineers are continuing with their non-stop efforts to develop new systems to improve our products.